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Rhiana Alana Lewis is a self taught musician, who learned how to play music by writing her own songs at the age of 13. She is originally from Los Angeles, California, and moved to Hawaii to start anew. She moved here without the intent of playing music fill time, but would just play music at the beach for fun. Multiple people kept coming up and asking her where they could hear her music, or where they could see her play. This led to her searching out and playing open mic nights in the Honolulu area. One evening she was planning to play open mic nights in the Honolulu area and commissioned Bassist Cj Mccown and Drummer Micah Polk to play her original material with her. In just one sitting both Cj and Micah learned 3 songs, and they played them that same night. As a joke Rhiana listed the trio as "Rhiana and the Texans" as both Micah and Cj are from Texas The band name stuck, and the very swiftly formed band continued to play together.

After an open mic night, the band was invited to play an event at The Next Door, and added Keyboardist Brian Lindersmith. Guitar player Tyler Steveson was attending every show ,and had fallen for the band. One jam later , Tyler would complete the band . They have released two singles on all musical platforms and will be releasing two more singles soon.


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Earth Day 808 Cleanup

Rhiana Lewis aka RIRIHAWAII plays a solo set at an earth day celebration