Who Am I ?

Rhiana Alana Lewis

Rhiana Alana Lewis is a singer/songwriter originally from Los Angeles California , transplanted to Oahu Hawaii.Rhiana  currently plays guitar, ukulele, piano as well as sings. Her biggest passion musically is song writing. 

Rhiana has been playing music, and singing for almost of her life. Music has always been a passion even before she could play instruments she sang and made up songs even at the age of 5 years old. Later in her teens, she taught herself how to play guitar solely by writing songs on her own. After seeing what she was capable of on guitar and as a song writer, she was able to teach her self multiple instruments. She currently plays bass, ukulele, piano, percussion, and guitar. Rhiana studied Jazz Guitar / Music composition and earned an Associates Degree in Music Composition in 2018.  

Rhiana Alana Lewis has played many genres of music, and in many bands over the years. She has toured Europe, and played music in Asia, Mexico, Central America and all over the United States. 

Rhiana moved to Hawaii to work in homeless services, after giving up on her music for years. However , her love for music was reignited on the island as she felt she healed from what she calls a musical broken heart.

Since moving to the Island Rhiana has played many open mic nights, and varying shows. Rhiana writes songs that are relatable, and deeply emotional to light and fun to bob along to. Her music has been compared to Amy Winehouse meets No Doubt. 

Rhiana has a 2024 Australia tour planned, and has a single "I Dont Wanna Fall" set to release Feb 2024.